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The Simple, Proven System To Generate More High-Value Leads And Sales For Your Home Improvement Business

We work with a small number of home improvement companies to build digital marketing machines that add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line.

Is This You?

You understand online marketing is important and that not taking full advantage of it means you’re losing leads and sales to your competitors.

You run a home improvement business looking for significant growth, but you’re uncertain about the best way forward.

You’d like to work with someone 1-on-1 who truly understands your business, your market and your goals.

You’re sick and tired of spending money on advertising without knowing if it’s really working or not.

Most people use their computers and phones to read the news and stay up to date. So they’re unlikely to see the ad you placed in the paper.

The Web Has Completely Changed How People Find Your Business

Instead of watching TV or listening to the radio, many people stream movies and shows from the internet and listen to podcasts. That means your TV or radio ad reaches fewer eyes and ears.

People search Google and online directories to find the products and services they need. The Yellow Pages usually ends up in the recycling bin.

Traditional advertising methods are no longer cutting the mustard for many small businesses. Why?


of consumers report they now use the internet to find local businesses.

In order to grow your business in the digital age - potential customers need to be able to easily find you online.

But that’s not the only change.

In the past, if someone needed to get a fence built, install new flooring, fix their guttering or restore their roof - they’d research their options by calling businesses and asking questions.

But the internet has changed that - people know they can do all their research online before talking to anybody.

Which means succeeding at marketing your business online is not just about being found. It’s about providing clear, informative content that builds trust and convinces people to speak to you.

Do you set-up email marketing software and contact your past and present customers to drum up some business?

Do you use Google Adwords to ensure your listing is at the top of the Google results without investing in SEO?

Unfortunately - many business owners don’t know where to begin. Who can blame them?

But in our experience the quickest and most reliable way for home improvement companies to to add $500,000 or more to their bottom line is using Google Adwords.

If you're serious about growing your home improvement business in 2016 - you need a well-oiled online marketing machine.

The truth is - all of these strategies have the potential to grow your business.

Do you invest thousands of dollars on an SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy that will likely take 2-3 months to start delivering results?

Do you start posting content on your Facebook page and hope people see it and get in touch?

Once your campaign is running at full-steam, you’ll have reliable cashflow you can reinvest into other strategies like SEO or social media so your business can grow even bigger.

Thanks to the fantastic research tools provided by Google - it’s not difficult for us to accurately estimate the kind of results a campaign will generate before we start.

Adwords starts sending people your way the moment you turn the campaign on. Whereas an SEO strategy can take months and months of work before it starts delivering leads, Adwords puts you at the very top of the Google search results for your keywords on day 1.

Why Adwords?

With Adwords - you pay Google a certain amount for every click on your ad. When it's set-up correctly, you’ll know exactly how much a new lead costs you.

"I've tried using Google Adwords and it didn't really work"

I'm not surprised.

Despite the thousands of marketing and web design businesses out there claiming they can get big results for their customers - we find the majority of campaigns we look at have huge issues.

If a fencing business builds a new fence and they do a bad job - it doesn’t necessarily take an expert to point out the problems. 

Unfortunately, it usually takes an Adwords expert to find the problems in a bad campaign - so many businesses don’t realise how much better their results could be. 

Many agencies are in a race to the bottom to price their services cheaper than the next guy and corner cutting has become rampant.

This also means they have very limited capacity for testing new ideas and changes - so they struggle to continuously improve the results their customers are getting.

In fact a lot of agencies are asleep at the wheel. They set a campaign up for a customer, tweak it a little bit and then move onto the next customer - while still charging the first guy every month for “management”. 

When Google makes changes or a new competitor enters the mix - these agencies don’t make the appropriate changes to keep their customers on top and their results suffer.

We don’t think that’s good enough.

Here's How I Use Google Adwords To Rapidly Generate New Sales For Home Improvement Companies

I've put together a short-video that shows the exact strategy I use and why it generates far better results than what most businesses get from Adwords.

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